List Segmentation

What is List Segmentation?

Email Segmentation

Bob Belcher owns Bob’s Burgers. Every day he serves customers with drastically different food preferences: vegetarians and bacon lovers; regulars looking for “the usual” and first-timers who might be overwhelmed by a massive menu.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Bob knew every customer’s preferences, background, and tastes when they walked in the door so he could provide each person with a customized menu? Meat-free offerings for vegetarian customers, a “greatest hits” menu for new diners, free sides for his best patrons, etc.

In reality, this strategy would be hard for Bob to pull off in his restaurant—soon he’d be buried in a mess of menus. But in email marketing, personalizing your customer’s experience is much easier, and just as effective.

Email Segmentation
Email blasts that go out to your entire list might help some people, but others will be left confused and in the dark.

Personalization is the purpose of list segmentation: you slice your email list into segments based on what you know about each user—like their buying habits, familiarity with your company, and professional background—then you send each segment of people personalized information.

Email Segmentation
List segmentation puts unique content in front of unique customers, and that makes everybody happy.

The segments can be as large (for example, people who signed up for your site less than a day ago) or as small (for example, people who bought a specific product after discovering your site on Pinterest) as you want. But generally, the smaller they get, the more likely it is that the information you send will resonate with the recipient.

If you get your segments right, your users will receive relevant emails packed with information that they actually want. That personalization leads to more conversions, more purchases, and happier customers.

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