Las Vegas Premium Auto Body Repair


Auto body shop in Las Vegas that offer reliable full-service auto repair for imported and domestic cars. Pro Collision Center makes repairs as convenient, painless and hassle-free as possible by streamlining the repair process and working directly with your insurance company.


Capture contact information to provide quotes on auto body repair services to people looking for full collision repair.


Improve the conversion rate of our standard landing page for the collision repair audience.


On our landing page, we modified the content above the fold with a clear focus on benefits and included related keywords to the user’s search query.


Conversion rate increased 48%.

We ran a test on adjusting and incorporating keywords that drove traffic to their website into the landing page. This resulted in a 9.71% conversion rate, compared to the original page, which had a conversion rate of 6.56%, an increase in the conversion rate of 48%.

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