Google Upgrades To Expanded Text Ads

For the past fifteen years, text ads on the Google Ad Network were limited by character limits. Now, this has changed for the first time since then and have doubled in visible size with new expanded text ads! The headlines that was 25 characters has increased to 30 characters, AND they’ve given us an additional headline. Description lines have also increased from 70 characters to 80, giving us a total of 140 characters in all expanded text ads. Adding an additional ten characters in the ad’s description can free up content that is usually shown by extensions. Getting more content in the description can make extensions, and other elements of a campaign, more targeted and efficient.

Improved CTR

extended, extende ads, cerebro marketing The reasoning behind this change is driven by data and getting better results for customers and advertisers. According to Google, adding 2X’s as much ad copy increases the Click Through Rate (CTR) for various campaigns. Most AdWords campaigns can expect CTR to increase between 10{81ce79166bc9b7b824a963e4a6c5795ee02dbf492affe9d39917753146ebe864} and 20{81ce79166bc9b7b824a963e4a6c5795ee02dbf492affe9d39917753146ebe864} by using Google’s new expanded text ads. Extending ad copy is a significant improvement to AdWords, it is important to implement this new feature while maintaining compliance with standards and practices that haven’t changed.

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Ad Rank, which is based on a combination of your max CPC & quality score, is still the top factor in determining the success and placement of an ad. Extending ad copy is also an opportunity to improve the quality score, improving Ad Rank.

More Connections

Expanded Text Ad Example Extending ad copy, first and foremost, grows the platform for creative work. By adding additional space there is no reason to avoid the superlatives an ad deserves. Relevant product information had been deleted to fit within the lower character limits, and many customer connections never occurred due to inadequate information getting across. Expanded ads will curtail missed connections by expressing more of what is being offered. One of the first steps an advertiser should take is experimenting with headlines. Some ads that have already been created may need extra attention when expanding because line breaks will be automatically adjusted. Another quick adjustment that may yield improvements is to try title case compared to sentence case. Ads and extension will be declined for EXCESSIVE CAPITALIZATION.


Expanded Text Ads with Ad Extensions Ad extensions are not impacted by new character limits so it is possible to make more of the available space. Using at least four ad extensions is recommended, and all extensions are compatible with expanded ads. The greatest benefit of extended ads is the opportunity to clearly present more information without burying the lead.

Follow standard guidelines for relevance and originality are most important. The information in extensions and text ads should build off of each other to further describe what customers are looking for in your product or service. For example, a text ad may mention services and types of products. Then, using a price extension could list specific products by price and a call extension allows users to call the business directly. Using different extensions along with additional content in text ads, shoppers can arrive on sites further down the conversion funnel.

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